Pre-Authorize Credit Card

For customers using EMV payment terminals, it is recommended to use the "Pre-Authorize Credit Card" feature, rather than "Attach Credit Card" feature.  This will preserve the customer's EMV protection, preventing charge-backs that can't be fought because a chip card was swiped.

Once you’ve started an order, click the top of the check, the select “Pre-Authorize Credit Card” from the sub-menu:

You will be prompted for a Pre-Authorization Amount.  Press Accept to use the default amount, or enter the amount you want to Pre-Authorize the card for (i.e., the current amount of the order), then press Accept:

The station will prompt to “Insert / Swipe card on payment terminal …”.  Insert the chip card into the payment terminal, or swipe the card if no chip is present:

This will not rename the order with the cardholder name like the “Attach Card” feature does, so you’ll want to rename the order with the name on the credit card, or another preferred identifier so it can be easily located:

After the Pre-Authorization is processed, you can navigate to the payment screen, and view the Pre-Authorization at the bottom of the order.  When the guest is ready to close order, tap on the Pre-Authorization and select “Change / Finalize” from the sub-menu:

Enter the Total amount of the order on the “New Payment Amount” keypad.  This will convert the Pre-Auth to a Sale, and the amount cannot be changed again (you can still void the payment, and adjust the tip):

Credit card receipt(s) will now print, and the order will close if it’s been paid in full.