Currently this will only handle ethernet deluxe unit hardware.
    The unit will send caller id information out to local network.
    One computer must be configured with "Relay software" that will forward the data to our server. Setup

    The actual hardware will need to be installed by the phone company
    Download the relay software here (current windows version is
    Configure the relay software (see below) to run on one machine on the local network
    Ensure the relay software is set to run on computer boot in case of a reboot Cloud Relay configuration

See the screenshot for an example
When you are done filling in each setting, click "Generate URL"
    select "Use Built URL"
    select "Deluxe Unit"
    Server: where LocationXXX is the unique ID for that location.
    %Line: line
    %Time: time
    %Phone: phone
    %Name: name
    %IO: io
    %SE: startend
    %Status: status

Backoffice setup

Under Locations/Settings, check the "Caller ID Enabled" checkbox and put in the number of phone lines

If you would like the station to default to the Caller ID screen, under Station Types/Configuration select Caller ID as the start screen. Optionally you can make it return to that screen after an order is placed by setting the After Send Action setting to Go
To Start Screen.


You will now be able to find the Caller ID screen under "Show Commands". The Caller ID screen looks like the following.

A line that is black is not being used, the caller id info you see here is of the previous call on that line.
A line that is red is ringing.
A line that is green is currently active.
Click/tap on a line to jump to the customer info page.


Updated 2018-03-20