House Accounts

From the front end, tap Show Commands, and select "House and Loyalty":

Search for a house account using the top field, or click on the "New Customer" button near the bottom if the customer does not have a house account yet:

Enter customer contact info, and Credit Limit, then click the check to save:

The house account is now created.  Tap on the House Account.  If you have an order open, you can select "Use Account For Payment" to attach the account.  You can select Customer Details here to change contact info, Credit Limit, or settle the account:

On the payment screen, you will see the House Account attached to the order.  You can also look up the house account on the payments page.  Press the Apply Payment button to close the order to the selected House Account:

The House Account Status report on the reports site will list all house accounts associated with a location:

Click on the account number to view a summary, list of transactions, customer info, or print a statement:

When viewing transactions, click on an invoice number to view/print the associated order: